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חב"ד פולין

Chabad Lubavitch of Poland

Kosher Grocery

Kosher food and kosher store in Warsaw (some places):

טעים - 

Meals for groups of many persons and the few persons in Warsaw - sit down or stand-up reception?  Canapés or food stations or both? Classic kosher or regional kosher food?  Let us create your kosher menu according your wishes. For more information and/or placing an order please, contact  Mrs. Izabela Guttman  -e-mail address: and/or; phone nr +48 22 637 50 73  and/or  +48 693 108 539.

-  Restaurant “Galil”: Kosher Café & Bar in Warsaw

- Kosher Delight in Poland: Glatt Kosher Restaurants & Catering in Warsaw, Krakov and Lodz -

- Kosher store:; phone: +48226523432; mob: +48602466554; e-mail:; adress: Str. Twarda 6, Warsaw.  (Please check on your own if the kosher grade of the product you are buying matches your expectations)

Chabad Warsaw -Slominskiego 19 Suite 508 Warsaw, Poland Phone: 48-22-637-53-52 Fax: 48-22-637-57-98